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Through nutrition counseling, Leah can help you reach your nutrition related goals. Be It Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Weight Gain or Diabetes Management, Leah can help you every step of the way. Leah is available for in-person or over the phone consultations. Make a change today by booking an appointment. Have more questions? Send an email and get them answered ASAP.

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Coffee Myths Debunked

Love your morning cup of Joe, but confused about its health effects?  Check out my latest post on Dr. Oz’s YouBeauty.com about the myths of drinking coffee.

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My blood sugar improved drastically with only a few visits with Leah. My Diabetes is now more controlled then it ever has been.


Leah helped me reach my goal weight and create a positive attitude with food while doing so.


I was able to finish my first marathon while working with Leah. She helped me find the right foods to help me perform at my best. Thanks to Leah, I am now a marathon runner!


Breakfast for Dinner

Who says breakfast foods need to be eaten in the morning? Sometimes on a cold winter night (and in the Northeast we have been having many), you just want something warm and comforting to fill your belly. Protein pancakes are the perfect solution! I recently added my protein pancake recipe to mensfitness.com however for last nights variety (seen above) I added a ricotta cheese topping. Simpy add 1 packet stevia, pinch of cinnamon and 1 tsp of vanilla extract to 1/2 cup fat free ricotta cheese then spread on top of pancakes. There you go – breakfast at night! Oh yeah, and Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

An Evaluation of Oils

With so many different types of oils on the market, how is one to know the best source of healthy fats? There has been so much buzz around coconut oil, but is this saturated fat actually good for us? Should I be cooking with olive oil? Or is canola oil as healthy for me as olive oil? Hopefully this post will help to clear up these and so many more questions about OIL.  read more…